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013397 area code


The 013397 area code is used for Ballater and the surrounding area.

Locations using 013397 numbers include:

013397 and 01339 codes

Officially, both Ballater and Aboyne use the shorter 01339 area code with 6-digit local numbers.

In practice, established BT lines beginning 01339 7 appear to retain an older arrangement whereby just 5 digits are dialled locally. This means that other 01339 numbers can only be reached by dialling the full, national phone number.

Numbers in use in Ballater are therefore as follows:

CodeNumber range
013397(013397) 20000 to 99899
01339(01339) 400000 to 499999
(01339) 600000 to 699999
(01339) 700000 to 719999
(01339) 900000 to 998999

Other 01339 numbers are used for Aboyne.

Most numbers using 01339 numbers are normal Ballater and Aboyne landlines but be aware that, as is the case for all UK area codes, such numbers may also be used for services without any physical link to the area. (More info)

013397 and 01339 area code information

Area code:013397 / 01339
Council area:Aberdeenshire
Call costs:Normal landline rate
Local number length:5 or 6 digits
Number shortages predicted:No
Last code change:April 1995 (previously 03397 / 0339)

Area code history

Ballater and Aboyne previously had separate area codes. Numbers from the former Ballater 0338 area code were absorbed into the 0339 area (which later became 01339) sometime before the mid-1990s.

Officially, this should have led to a uniform 0339 area code (later 01339) and 6-digit local numbers across both areas. However, BT lines appear to have retained 5-digit local dialling and the full number is required when dialling between the two.

The 0338 prefix was reused for pagers and premium rate services later in the 1990s.
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