UK Area Codes and Phone Number Information

Phone numbers in detail

Extra information, background and further details about key phone numbering topics.

Area codes

Area codes in the United Kingdom
An overview of how telephone area codes work, how they are arranged and how they are used when dialling numbers locally and nationally.

Can you find a location from an area code?
Telephone numbers starting with 01 or 02 are always linked to a specific geographic area – but they're not an absolute guarantee of where a phone number is located.

Locations with compulsory dialling of area codes
In an attempt to relieve number shortages, six areas of the UK no longer allow local calls to be made without including the full area code.

Number shortage areas
Some UK telephone area codes have very limited spare capacity and special measures are in place to avoid numbers running out.

Special prefixes and charges

Business phone numbers
A look at the different types of flexible phone numbers available to businesses for managing incoming calls.

084 and 087 customer service number ban
Phone numbers starting with prefixes such as 0844, 0845 and 0870 are no longer permitted for most customer service phone lines.

Local rate call charges
Explanation of the meaning of the term 'local rate' and how it came to be used, along with guidance on typical costs.

Service charges and access charges
How the two-part call charges for 084, 087 and 09 phone numbers work, including an explanation of access charges and service charges.

Warnings and scams

0809, 0284 and 0876 area code hoaxes
Warnings are regularly circulated about these numbers – but they're ususally wildly inaccurate.

More about phone numbers

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