UK Area Codes and Phone Number Information

Mobile phone numbers

Prefixes for UK mobile phones and pagers

Standard mobile phone and pager numbers in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man are eleven digits long and begin with '07'.

It is not possible to tell for certain what network a mobile phone is on from its number alone, as numbers can be moved between networks. However, the first five or six digits of a mobile phone number do show which network issued it originally.

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Number startsIssued byUseArea
070See: personal numbers
07106O2mobile numbersUK
07107O2mobile numbersUK
07300EEmobile numbersUK
07301EEmobile numbersUK
07302EEmobile numbersUK
07303EEmobile numbersUK
07304EEmobile numbersUK
07305Virgin Mobilemobile numbersUK
07306Virgin Mobilemobile numbersUK
07307Threemobile numbersUK
07308Threemobile numbersUK
07309Threemobile numbersUK
07310Threemobile numbersUK
07311Threemobile numbersUK
07312Threemobile numbersUK
07340Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07341Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07342Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07354O2mobile numbersUK
07355O2mobile numbersUK
07356 0Mass Response Servicemobile numbersUK
07357Virgin Mobilemobile numbersUK
07359 0Skymobile numbersUK
07359 1Skymobile numbersUK
07359 2Skymobile numbersUK
07359 3Skymobile numbersUK
07359 4Skymobile numbersUK
07359 5Skymobile numbersUK
07359 6Skymobile numbersUK
07360Threemobile numbersUK
07361Threemobile numbersUK
07362Threemobile numbersUK
07363Threemobile numbersUK
07364 0University of Strathclydemobile numbersUK
07364 4Pareteum Europemobile numbersUK
07365Threemobile numbersUK
07366Threemobile numbersUK
07367Threemobile numbersUK
07368 0Tata Communicationsmobile numbersUK
07368 1Skymobile numbersUK
07368 2Skymobile numbersUK
07368 3Skymobile numbersUK
07368 4Skymobile numbersUK
07368 5Skymobile numbersUK
07368 6Skymobile numbersUK
07368 7Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07368 8Skymobile numbersUK
07368 9Skymobile numbersUK
07369 0Telet Researchmobile numbersUK
07369 2Skymobile numbersUK
07369 9Anywhere SIMmobile numbersUK
07375EEmobile numbersUK
07376EEmobile numbersUK
07377EEmobile numbersUK
07378 0Limitless Mobilemobile numbersUK
07378 1Threemobile numbersUK
07378 2Threemobile numbersUK
07378 3Threemobile numbersUK
07378 4Threemobile numbersUK
07378 5Threemobile numbersUK
07378 6Threemobile numbersUK
07378 7Threemobile numbersUK
07378 8Threemobile numbersUK
07378 9Threemobile numbersUK
07379Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07380Threemobile numbersUK
07381O2mobile numbersUK
07382O2mobile numbersUK
07383Threemobile numbersUK
07384Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07385Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07386Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07387Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07388Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07389 0Threemobile numbersUK
07389 1Threemobile numbersUK
07389 6Hanhaamobile numbersUK
07389 7Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07389 8Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07390Home Officemobile numbersUK
07391Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07392Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07393Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07394O2mobile numbersUK
07395O2mobile numbersUK
07396EEmobile numbersUK
07397Threemobile numbersUK
07398EEmobile numbersUK
07399EEmobile numbersUK
07400Threemobile numbersUK
07401Threemobile numbersUK
07402Threemobile numbersUK
07403Threemobile numbersUK
07404Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07405Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07406 5Telecom2mobile numbersUK
07406 624 Sevenmobile numbersUK
07406 7TGL Servicesmobile numbersUK
07406 808Directmobile numbersUK
07406 9CardBoardFishmobile numbersUK
07407Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07408Truphonemobile numbersUK
07409EEmobile numbersUK
07410EEmobile numbersUK
07411Threemobile numbersUK
07412Threemobile numbersUK
07413Threemobile numbersUK
07414Threemobile numbersUK
07415EEmobile numbersUK
07416EEmobile numbersUK
07417 2Core Telecommobile numbersUK
07417 3Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07417 4Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07417 5Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07417 8Truphonemobile numbersUK
07417 9Core Telecommobile numbersUK
07418 0Threemobile numbersUK
07418 1Bellingham Telecommunicationsmobile numbersUK
07418 2TGL Servicesmobile numbersUK
07418 3Tismimobile numbersUK
07418 4Manx Telecommobile numbersIsle of Man
07418 5Telecom North America Mobilemobile numbersUK
07418 6Ace Callmobile numbersUK
07418 7Tata Communicationsmobile numbersUK
07418 9Tata Communicationsmobile numbersUK
07419EEmobile numbersUK
07420EEmobile numbersUK
07421EEmobile numbersUK
07422EEmobile numbersUK
07423Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07424Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07425Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07426Threemobile numbersUK
07427Threemobile numbersUK
07428Threemobile numbersUK
07429Threemobile numbersUK
07430O2mobile numbersUK
07431O2mobile numbersUK
07432EEmobile numbersUK
07433EEmobile numbersUK
07434EEmobile numbersUK
07435Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07436Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07437Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07438Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07439TalkTalkmobile numbersUK
07440 0Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07440 1Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07440 2Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07440 3Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07440 4Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07440 5Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07440 6Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07440 7Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07440 9Cloud9 Communicationsmobile numbersUK
07441 0Sound Advertisingmobile numbersUK
07441 1Andrews & Arnoldmobile numbersUK
07441 3Stour Marinemobile numbersUK
07441 4Tismimobile numbersUK
07441 5Synectivmobile numbersUK
07441 6Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07441 7Synectivmobile numbersUK
07441 8Core Telecommobile numbersUK
07441 9Voxbone SAmobile numbersUK
07442Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07443Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07444Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07445Threemobile numbersUK
07446Threemobile numbersUK
07447Threemobile numbersUK
07448Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07449Threemobile numbersUK
07450Threemobile numbersUK
07451 0Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07451 1Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07451 2Tismimobile numbersUK
07451 3Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07451 4Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07451 6UK Broadband Ltdmobile numbersUK
07451 7UK Broadband Ltdmobile numbersUK
07451 8Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07451 9Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07452 0Manx Telecommobile numbersIsle of Man
07452 1Manx Telecommobile numbersIsle of Man
07452 2Manx Telecommobile numbersIsle of Man
07452 3Manx Telecommobile numbersIsle of Man
07452 4Manx Telecommobile numbersIsle of Man
07452 5Manx Telecommobile numbersIsle of Man
07452 6Manx Telecommobile numbersIsle of Man
07452 7Threemobile numbersUK
07452 8Threemobile numbersUK
07452 9Threemobile numbersUK
07453Threemobile numbersUK
07454Threemobile numbersUK
07455Threemobile numbersUK
07456Threemobile numbersUK
07457 0Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07457 1Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07457 2Marathon Telecommobile numbersUK
07457 3Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07457 4Voicetec Systemsmobile numbersUK
07457 5Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07457 6Suremobile numbersIsle of Man
07457 7Spacetel UKmobile numbersUK
07458 0Gamma Telecommobile numbersUK
07458 1Gamma Telecommobile numbersUK
07458 2Premium Routingmobile numbersUK
07458 3Virgin Mobilemobile numbersUK
07458 4Airwave Solutionsmobile numbersUK
07458 5Marathon Telecommobile numbersUK
07458 6Threemobile numbersUK
07458 7Tango Networksmobile numbersUK
07458 8Tango Networksmobile numbersUK
07458 9Threemobile numbersUK
07459Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07460Threemobile numbersUK
07461O2mobile numbersUK
07462Threemobile numbersUK
07463Threemobile numbersUK
07464Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07465 0Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07465 1Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07465 2Threemobile numbersUK
07465 3Compatelmobile numbersUK
07465 4Threemobile numbersUK
07465 5Global Reach Networksmobile numbersUK
07465 6Threemobile numbersUK
07465 7Threemobile numbersUK
07465 8Threemobile numbersUK
07465 9Threemobile numbersUK
07466Lycamobilemobile numbersUK
07467Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07468Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07469Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07470Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07471Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07472Threemobile numbersUK
07473Threemobile numbersUK
07474Threemobile numbersUK
07475Threemobile numbersUK
07476Threemobile numbersUK
07477Threemobile numbersUK
07478Threemobile numbersUK
07479Threemobile numbersUK
07480Threemobile numbersUK
07481Threemobile numbersUK
07482Threemobile numbersUK
07483EEmobile numbersUK
07484EEmobile numbersUK
07485EEmobile numbersUK
07486EEmobile numbersUK
07487EEmobile numbersUK
07488 0Fogg Mobilemobile numbersUK
07488 1CESGmobile numbersUK
07488 2Skymobile numbersUK
07488 3Skymobile numbersUK
07488 4Threemobile numbersUK
07488 5Threemobile numbersUK
07488 6Lanonyx Telecommobile numbersUK
07488 7Threemobile numbersUK
07488 8Zironmobile numbersUK
07488 9Threemobile numbersUK
07489O2mobile numbersUK
07490Threemobile numbersUK
07491Threemobile numbersUK
07492Threemobile numbersUK
07493Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07494EEmobile numbersUK
07495EEmobile numbersUK
07496EEmobile numbersUK
07497EEmobile numbersUK
07498EEmobile numbersUK
07499O2mobile numbersUK
07500Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07501Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07502Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07503Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07504EEmobile numbersUK
07505EEmobile numbersUK
07506EEmobile numbersUK
07507EEmobile numbersUK
07508EEmobile numbersUK
07509Jersey Telecommobile numbersJersey
07510O2mobile numbersUK
07511O2mobile numbersUK
07512O2mobile numbersUK
07513O2mobile numbersUK
07514O2mobile numbersUK
07515O2mobile numbersUK
07516O2mobile numbersUK
07517O2mobile numbersUK
07518O2mobile numbersUK
07519O2mobile numbersUK
07520 0Simwood eSMSmobile numbersUK
07520 1BTmobile numbersUK
07520 2Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07520 4Core Groupmobile numbersUK
07520 5Esendexmobile numbersUK
07520 6Tismimobile numbersUK
07520 7AQLmobile numbersUK
07521O2mobile numbersUK
07522O2mobile numbersUK
07523O2mobile numbersUK
07525O2mobile numbersUK
07526O2mobile numbersUK
07527EEmobile numbersUK
07528EEmobile numbersUK
07529EEmobile numbersUK
07530EEmobile numbersUK
07531EEmobile numbersUK
07532 0EEmobile numbersUK
07532 1EEmobile numbersUK
07532 2EEmobile numbersUK
07532 3EEmobile numbersUK
07532 4EEmobile numbersUK
07532 6Threemobile numbersUK
07532 7Threemobile numbersUK
07532 8Threemobile numbersUK
07532 9Mobiweb Telecommobile numbersUK
07533Threemobile numbersUK
07534EEmobile numbersUK
07535EEmobile numbersUK
07536EEmobile numbersUK
07537 0Wavecrestmobile numbersUK
07537 1Stour Marinemobile numbersUK
07537 3Swiftnetmobile numbersUK
07537 4Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07537 6Sound Advertisingmobile numbersUK
07537 7CFL Communicationsmobile numbersUK
07537 8Threemobile numbersUK
07537 9Threemobile numbersUK
07538EEmobile numbersUK
07539EEmobile numbersUK
07540O2mobile numbersUK
07541O2mobile numbersUK
07542O2mobile numbersUK
07543O2mobile numbersUK
07544O2mobile numbersUK
07545O2mobile numbersUK
07546O2mobile numbersUK
07547O2mobile numbersUK
07548O2mobile numbersUK
07549O2mobile numbersUK
07550EEmobile numbersUK
07551Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07552Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07553Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07554Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07555Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07556EEmobile numbersUK
07557Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07558 0Mobile FX Servicesmobile numbersUK
07558 8Cloud9 Communicationsmobile numbersUK
07559 0Mars Communicationsmobile numbersUK
07559 2IPV6mobile numbersUK
07559 3Globecom Internationalmobile numbersUK
07559 4Truphonemobile numbersUK
07559 5Confabulatemobile numbersUK
07559 6Lleida.netmobile numbersUK
07559 7Core Telecommobile numbersUK
07559 8Nodemaxmobile numbersUK
07559 9Resilientmobile numbersUK
07560O2mobile numbersUK
07561O2mobile numbersUK
07562O2mobile numbersUK
07563O2mobile numbersUK
07564O2mobile numbersUK
07565O2mobile numbersUK
07566O2mobile numbersUK
07567O2mobile numbersUK
07568O2mobile numbersUK
07569O2mobile numbersUK
07570Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07572EEmobile numbersUK
07573EEmobile numbersUK
07574EEmobile numbersUK
07575Threemobile numbersUK
07576Threemobile numbersUK
07577Threemobile numbersUK
07578Threemobile numbersUK
07579EEmobile numbersUK
07580EEmobile numbersUK
07581EEmobile numbersUK
07582EEmobile numbersUK
07583EEmobile numbersUK
07584Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07585Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07586Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07587Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07588Threemobile numbersUK
07589 1Dynamic Mobile Billingmobile numbersUK
07589 2Dynamic Mobile Billingmobile numbersUK
07589 3Dynamic Mobile Billingmobile numbersUK
07589 4Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07589 5Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07589 6Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07589 7Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07589 8Test2datemobile numbersUK
07590O2mobile numbersUK
07591O2mobile numbersUK
07592O2mobile numbersUK
07593O2mobile numbersUK
07594O2mobile numbersUK
07595O2mobile numbersUK
07596O2mobile numbersUK
07597O2mobile numbersUK
07598O2mobile numbersUK
07599O2mobile numbersUK
07600 0Sound Advertisingpager numbersUK
07600 2PageOnepager numbersUK
07600 624 Seven Communicationspager numbersUK
07600 7Relax Telecompager numbersUK
07602 0O2pager numbersUK
07602 2Relax Telecompager numbersUK
07623PageOnepager numbersUK
07624 0Manx Telecommobile numbersIsle of Man
07624 1Manx Telecommobile numbersIsle of Man
07624 2Suremobile numbersIsle of Man
07624 3Manx Telecommobile numbersIsle of Man
07624 4Manx Telecommobile numbersIsle of Man
07624 50Bluewave Communicationsmobile numbersIsle of Man
07624 56Suremobile numbersIsle of Man
07624 6Manx Telecommobile numbersIsle of Man
07624 8Manx Telecommobile numbersIsle of Man
07624 9Manx Telecommobile numbersIsle of Man
07625O2pager numbersUK
07626O2pager numbersUK
07640 0Core Telecompager numbersUK
07640 1Telecom2pager numbersUK
07640 2FIO Telecompager numbersUK
07640 3PageOnepager numbersUK
07640 4PageOnepager numbersUK
07640 6PageOnepager numbersUK
07640 7PageOnepager numbersUK
07641EEpager numbersUK
07644 0O2pager numbersUK
07644 1O2pager numbersUK
07644 6Media Telecompager numbersUK
07654PageOnepager numbersUK
07659 1Vodafonepager numbersUK
07659 2PageOnepager numbersUK
07659 3Vodafonepager numbersUK
07659 4Vodafonepager numbersUK
07659 5Vodafonepager numbersUK
07659 6Vodafonepager numbersUK
07659 8Vodafonepager numbersUK
07659 9PageOnepager numbersUK
07660 0Plus Telecompager numbersUK
07660 1PageOnepager numbersUK
07660 2PageOnepager numbersUK
07660 3PageOnepager numbersUK
07660 4PageOnepager numbersUK
07660 5PageOnepager numbersUK
07660 624 Seven Communicationspager numbersUK
07661PageOnepager numbersUK
07663 3Syntecpager numbersUK
07663 6Relax Telecompager numbersUK
07663 7Vodafonepager numbersUK
07666 024 Seven Communicationspager numbersUK
07666 1Vodafonepager numbersUK
07666 2Vodafonepager numbersUK
07666 3Vodafonepager numbersUK
07666 4Vodafonepager numbersUK
07666 5Vodafonepager numbersUK
07666 6Vodafonepager numbersUK
07666 7Vodafonepager numbersUK
07666 8Vodafonepager numbersUK
07666 9FIO Telecompager numbersUK
07669 0O2pager numbersUK
07669 1O2pager numbersUK
07669 2O2pager numbersUK
07669 3Confabulatepager numbersUK
07669 8O2pager numbersUK
07669 9O2pager numbersUK
07677 024 Seven Communicationspager numbersUK
07677 2Relax Telecompager numbersUK
07677 6Telencypager numbersUK
07677 8Core Telecompager numbersUK
07681PageOnepager numbersUK
07693O2pager numbersUK
07699Vodafonepager numbersUK
07700 0Cloud9 Communicationsmobile numbersUK
07700 1Nationwide Telephone Assistancemobile numbersUK
07700 3Suremobile numbersJersey
07700 7Suremobile numbersJersey
07700 8Suremobile numbersJersey
07700 9Unused numbers - reserved for use in drama and fiction
07701O2mobile numbersUK
07702O2mobile numbersUK
07703O2mobile numbersUK
07704O2mobile numbersUK
07705O2mobile numbersUK
07706O2mobile numbersUK
07707O2mobile numbersUK
07708O2mobile numbersUK
07709O2mobile numbersUK
07710O2mobile numbersUK
07711O2mobile numbersUK
07712O2mobile numbersUK
07713O2mobile numbersUK
07714O2mobile numbersUK
07715O2mobile numbersUK
07716O2mobile numbersUK
07717Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07718O2mobile numbersUK
07719O2mobile numbersUK
07720O2mobile numbersUK
07721Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07722EEmobile numbersUK
07723Threemobile numbersUK
07724O2mobile numbersUK
07725O2mobile numbersUK
07726EEmobile numbersUK
07727Threemobile numbersUK
07728Threemobile numbersUK
07729O2mobile numbersUK
07730O2mobile numbersUK
07731O2mobile numbersUK
07732O2mobile numbersUK
07733Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07734O2mobile numbersUK
07735Threemobile numbersUK
07736O2mobile numbersUK
07737Threemobile numbersUK
07738O2mobile numbersUK
07739O2mobile numbersUK
07740O2mobile numbersUK
07741Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07742O2mobile numbersUK
07743O2mobile numbersUK
07744Core Groupmobile numbersUK
07745O2mobile numbersUK
07746O2mobile numbersUK
07747Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07748Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07749O2mobile numbersUK
07750O2mobile numbersUK
07751O2mobile numbersUK
07752O2mobile numbersUK
07753 0Airwave Solutionsmobile numbersUK
07753 1O2mobile numbersUK
07753 2O2mobile numbersUK
07753 3O2mobile numbersUK
07753 4O2mobile numbersUK
07753 5O2mobile numbersUK
07753 6O2mobile numbersUK
07753 7O2mobile numbersUK
07753 8O2mobile numbersUK
07753 9O2mobile numbersUK
07754O2mobile numbersUK
07755Core Groupmobile numbersUK
07756O2mobile numbersUK
07757EEmobile numbersUK
07758EEmobile numbersUK
07759O2mobile numbersUK
07760Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07761O2mobile numbersUK
07762O2mobile numbersUK
07763O2mobile numbersUK
07764O2mobile numbersUK
07765Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07766Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07767Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07768Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07769Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07770Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07771Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07772EEmobile numbersUK
07773EEmobile numbersUK
07774Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07775Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07776Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07777EEmobile numbersUK
07778Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07779EEmobile numbersUK
07780Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07781Suremobile numbersGuernsey
07782Threemobile numbersUK
07783O2mobile numbersUK
07784O2mobile numbersUK
07785Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07786Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07787Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07788Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07789Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07790EEmobile numbersUK
07791EEmobile numbersUK
07792EEmobile numbersUK
07793O2mobile numbersUK
07794EEmobile numbersUK
07795Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07796Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07797Jersey Telecommobile numbersJersey
07798Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07799Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07800EEmobile numbersUK
07801O2mobile numbersUK
07802O2mobile numbersUK
07803O2mobile numbersUK
07804EEmobile numbersUK
07805EEmobile numbersUK
07806EEmobile numbersUK
07807EEmobile numbersUK
07808O2mobile numbersUK
07809O2mobile numbersUK
07810Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07811EEmobile numbersUK
07812EEmobile numbersUK
07813EEmobile numbersUK
07814EEmobile numbersUK
07815EEmobile numbersUK
07816EEmobile numbersUK
07817EEmobile numbersUK
07818Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07819O2mobile numbersUK
07820O2mobile numbersUK
07821O2mobile numbersUK
07822 0Flextelmobile numbersUK
07822 1Swiftnetmobile numbersUK
07822 4AQLmobile numbersUK
07822 5Icron Networkmobile numbersUK
07822 6AQLmobile numbersUK
07822 8Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07822 9Dynamic Mobile Billingmobile numbersUK
07823Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07824Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07825Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07826Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07827Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07828Threemobile numbersUK
07829Airtel Vodafonemobile numbersJersey
07830Threemobile numbersUK
07831Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07832Threemobile numbersUK
07833Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07834O2mobile numbersUK
07835O2mobile numbersUK
07836Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07837EEmobile numbersUK
07838Threemobile numbersUK
07839 1Airtel Vodafonemobile numbersGuernsey
07839 2Airtel Vodafonemobile numbersGuernsey
07839 7Airtel Vodafonemobile numbersGuernsey
07839 8Suremobile numbersGuernsey
07840O2mobile numbersUK
07841O2mobile numbersUK
07842O2mobile numbersUK
07843O2mobile numbersUK
07844O2mobile numbersUK
07845O2mobile numbersUK
07846Threemobile numbersUK
07847EEmobile numbersUK
07848Threemobile numbersUK
07849O2mobile numbersUK
07850O2mobile numbersUK
07851O2mobile numbersUK
07852EEmobile numbersUK
07853Threemobile numbersUK
07854EEmobile numbersUK
07855EEmobile numbersUK
07856O2mobile numbersUK
07857O2mobile numbersUK
07858O2mobile numbersUK
07859Threemobile numbersUK
07860O2mobile numbersUK
07861Threemobile numbersUK
07862Threemobile numbersUK
07863Threemobile numbersUK
07864O2mobile numbersUK
07865Threemobile numbersUK
07866EEmobile numbersUK
07867Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07868Threemobile numbersUK
07869Threemobile numbersUK
07870EEmobile numbersUK
07871O2mobile numbersUK
07872 0O2mobile numbersUK
07872 1O2mobile numbersUK
07872 2Cloud9 Communicationsmobile numbersUK
07872 3O2mobile numbersUK
07872 4O2mobile numbersUK
07872 5O2mobile numbersUK
07872 6O2mobile numbersUK
07872 7Telecom 10mobile numbersUK
07872 8O2mobile numbersUK
07872 9O2mobile numbersUK
07873 0Telesign Mobilemobile numbersUK
07873 1O2mobile numbersUK
07873 2O2mobile numbersUK
07873 3O2mobile numbersUK
07873 4O2mobile numbersUK
07873 5O2mobile numbersUK
07873 6O2mobile numbersUK
07873 7O2mobile numbersUK
07873 8O2mobile numbersUK
07873 9O2mobile numbersUK
07874 0O2mobile numbersUK
07874 1O2mobile numbersUK
07874 2O2mobile numbersUK
07874 3O2mobile numbersUK
07874 4Citrus Telecommunicationsmobile numbersUK
07874 6O2mobile numbersUK
07874 7O2mobile numbersUK
07874 8O2mobile numbersUK
07874 9O2mobile numbersUK
07875EEmobile numbersUK
07876Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07877Threemobile numbersUK
07878Threemobile numbersUK
07879Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07880Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07881Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07882Threemobile numbersUK
07883Threemobile numbersUK
07884Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07885O2mobile numbersUK
07886Threemobile numbersUK
07887Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07888Threemobile numbersUK
07889O2mobile numbersUK
07890EEmobile numbersUK
07891EEmobile numbersUK
07892 0Hay Systemsmobile numbersUK
07892 1Vectone Mobilemobile numbersUK
07892 3O2mobile numbersUK
07892 4O2mobile numbersUK
07892 5Flextelmobile numbersUK
07892 6O2mobile numbersUK
07892 7O2mobile numbersUK
07892 8O2mobile numbersUK
07892 9O2mobile numbersUK
07893 0Magratheamobile numbersUK
07893 124 Sevenmobile numbersUK
07893 2O2mobile numbersUK
07893 4O2mobile numbersUK
07893 5O2mobile numbersUK
07893 6O2mobile numbersUK
07893 7O2mobile numbersUK
07893 8AQLmobile numbersUK
07893 9Citrus Telecommunicationsmobile numbersUK
07894O2mobile numbersUK
07895O2mobile numbersUK
07896EEmobile numbersUK
07897Threemobile numbersUK
07898Threemobile numbersUK
07899Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07900Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07901Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07902O2mobile numbersUK
07903EEmobile numbersUK
07904EEmobile numbersUK
07905EEmobile numbersUK
07906EEmobile numbersUK
07907O2mobile numbersUK
07908EEmobile numbersUK
07909Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07910EEmobile numbersUK
07911 0Marathon Telecommobile numbersGuernsey
07911 1JT Guernseymobile numbersGuernsey
07911 224 Sevenmobile numbersUK
07911 7JT Guernseymobile numbersGuernsey
07911 824 Sevenmobile numbersUK
07912O2mobile numbersUK
07913EEmobile numbersUK
07914EEmobile numbersUK
07915Threemobile numbersUK
07916Threemobile numbersUK
07917Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07918Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07919Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07920Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07921O2mobile numbersUK
07922O2mobile numbersUK
07923O2mobile numbersUK
07924Manx Telecommobile numbersIsle of Man
07925O2mobile numbersUK
07926O2mobile numbersUK
07927O2mobile numbersUK
07928O2mobile numbersUK
07929EEmobile numbersUK
07930EEmobile numbersUK
07931EEmobile numbersUK
07932EEmobile numbersUK
07933O2mobile numbersUK
07934O2mobile numbersUK
07935O2mobile numbersUK
07936O2mobile numbersUK
07937Jersey Telecommobile numbersJersey
07938O2mobile numbersUK
07939EEmobile numbersUK
07940EEmobile numbersUK
07941EEmobile numbersUK
07942EEmobile numbersUK
07943EEmobile numbersUK
07944EEmobile numbersUK
07945EEmobile numbersUK
07946EEmobile numbersUK
07947EEmobile numbersUK
07948EEmobile numbersUK
07949EEmobile numbersUK
07950EEmobile numbersUK
07951EEmobile numbersUK
07952EEmobile numbersUK
07953EEmobile numbersUK
07954EEmobile numbersUK
07955O2mobile numbersUK
07956EEmobile numbersUK
07957EEmobile numbersUK
07958EEmobile numbersUK
07959EEmobile numbersUK
07960EEmobile numbersUK
07961EEmobile numbersUK
07962EEmobile numbersUK
07963EEmobile numbersUK
07964EEmobile numbersUK
07965EEmobile numbersUK
07966EEmobile numbersUK
07967EEmobile numbersUK
07968EEmobile numbersUK
07969EEmobile numbersUK
07970EEmobile numbersUK
07971EEmobile numbersUK
07972EEmobile numbersUK
07973EEmobile numbersUK
07974EEmobile numbersUK
07975EEmobile numbersUK
07976EEmobile numbersUK
07977EEmobile numbersUK
07978 1QX Telecommobile numbersUK
07978 2Cloud9 Communicationsmobile numbersUK
07978 3Cloud9 Communicationsmobile numbersUK
07978 5Icron Networkmobile numbersUK
07978 6Dynamic Mobile Billingmobile numbersUK
07978 7TeleWaremobile numbersUK
07978 8Truphonemobile numbersUK
07978 9IV Responsemobile numbersUK
07979Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07980EEmobile numbersUK
07981EEmobile numbersUK
07982EEmobile numbersUK
07983EEmobile numbersUK
07984EEmobile numbersUK
07985EEmobile numbersUK
07986EEmobile numbersUK
07987EEmobile numbersUK
07988Threemobile numbersUK
07989EEmobile numbersUK
07990Vodafonemobile numbersUK
07999O2mobile numbersUK

Please remember that it is not possible to tell the current operator of a mobile phone from its number alone, as customers can take their numbers with them when they move between different phone networks. The table above shows only which company originally issued each range of numbers.

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