UK Area Codes and Phone Number Information

Landline Call Costs

Typical prices for calling local or national landlines

UK telephone numbers starting 01, 02 and 03 are normal local and national landlines charged at a standard landline rate, often known as 'geographic rate'. This type of number is often included in call allowances or bundled talktime.

Call costs from landlines

Most home phone tariffs include free calls to these numbers, at least in the evenings and at weekends.

If your tariff does not offer inclusive calls to landlines, or you are calling at a time of day when charges apply, typical rates are:

Landline companyTypical cost per minute
(if not inclusive)
Plus set-up fee
(per call)
BT11p per minute19p per call
KC10p per minute17p per call
The Phone Co-op11p per minute16p per call
Plusnet13p per minute19p per call
Sky Talk12p per minute17p per call
TalkTalk13p per minute18p per call
Utility Warehouse8p per minute17p per call
Virgin Media6p-12p per minute19p per call

Remember: charges only apply if you don't get inclusive calls to landlines, or are calling at a time of day when inclusive calls aren't available.

Call costs from mobile phones

If your tariff does not offer any inclusive minutes, or you have used all your inclusive or bundled calling allowances, the following prices apply:

Mobile companyPay monthly
(if not inclusive)
Pay as you go
(if not inclusive)
Asda Mobilen/a8p per minute
BT Mobile35p per minuten/a
EE50p per minute30p per minute
Giffgaffn/a15p per minute
O245p per minute35p per minute
The Phone Co-op20p per minute4p-7p per minute
TalkTalk40p per minuten/a
Tesco Mobile25p per minute25p per minute
Three35p per minute3p per minute
Virgin Media45p per minute35p per minute
Vodafone55p per minute30p per minute

Remember: charges only apply if you don't get inclusive calls to landlines, or if you have used up all your calling allowance or bundle.

Prices are for personal customers on current tariffs as of 8 January 2017, rounded to the nearest penny and intended as a guide only. Minimum charges may apply.

Channel Islands and the Isle of Man

Calls to Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man landlines are made using regular UK area codes 01481, 01534 and 01624.

Most landline operators' charges for calls to the Channel Islands and Isle of Man are similar to those within the UK, but they often do not include such calls in call allowances or bundled talktime.

Mobile phone networks almost always charge such calls at a higher rate and rarely include them in call allowances.

Long-distance and local rate calls

Most telephone companies have not distinguished between 'local rate' and long-distance 'national rate' calls for many years, so these terms are now largely meaningless.

Some operators may still offer a discount for a local calls within a certain geographic area or specific area code.

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