UK Area Codes and Phone Number Information

How to call a UK mobile abroad

It is quick and easy to call a UK mobile phone that has been taken overseas and there are no extra charges for the person making the call.

Calling from the UK to a UK mobile overseas

To call a UK mobile phone that is currently overseas, just call its full phone number as normal. Do not try to add any additional prefixes or international calling codes.

No matter where in the world a UK mobile phone is taken to, it will keep the same UK telephone number.

The telephone network will work out where in the world the phone currently is and connect your call to the right location automatically.

Calling a UK mobile phone from another country

To call a UK mobile from another country use the full international phone number.

A mobile phone retains its UK phone number wherever in the world it is. When calling from a landline or mobile in another country, the full number needs to be dialled – even if the UK mobile phone is currently located in that same country.

Replace the leading '0' of a UK mobile phone number with '+44' to get the full international number. For example, the UK number 07700 900900 has the international equivalent of +44 7700 900900.

For full instructions of how to dial a UK phone number from any other country, see the international dialling pages.

Calling out from a roaming UK mobile phone

The most reliable way to make a call from overseas is to use the full international number.

For example, to dial home to the UK number 01632 900900, dial the full international number of +44 1632 900900.

Similarly, to dial a number in the country you are visiting, dial it in the full international format.

Doing this removes the risk of confusion and wrong numbers that can occur if the overseas network you are using cannot tell whether the number you dial is a local number or a UK one.

Cost of calling a UK mobile phone abroad

Regardless of whether a mobile phone with a UK number is currently located in the UK or has been taken to a another country, dialling it from a UK landline or mobile phone will cost the same.

Any additional charges for forwarding the call internationally will be paid by the owner of the mobile phone being called.
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