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08979 numbers

Inserted network numbers

Numbers starting 089 are reserved for non-public uses, such as routeing calls between telephone companies and around the phone network.

The range of numbers starting with 08979 was introduced during October 2018.

What are 08979 numbers?

08979 numbers are to be known as 'Inserted Network Numbers for Calling Line Identification' and are not usually made public. They are used to help handle incoming calls from outside the UK.

On occasions UK phone companies may receive incoming international calls either without details of the original caller's number, or with unreliable information. In such cases, the UK phone company in question will label the call with an 08979 number before it is connected to its destination.

The 08979 number will not be passed on to the ultimate recipient of the call by the phone network. However, it will be visible to all phone companies that the call passes through and allow them to identify which company first handled the call within the UK. This assists companies in tracing the origin of problem calls.

Why have I received a call from an 08979 number?

The only circumstances where an 08979 number might be displayed as the number for an incoming call would be:

These circumstances are all very rare.

Further information

The telephone companies responsible for each batch of 08979 numbers are as follows:

08979 000000 to 08979 009999Gamma Telecom
08979 010000 to 08979 019999Simwood
08979 020000 to 08979 029999Barritel
08979 030000 to 08979 039999Magrathea
08979 040000 to 08979 049999LocalPhone
08979 050000 to 08979 059999Node4
08979 060000 to 08979 069999Vodafone
08979 070000 to 08979 079999AQL Wholesale
08979 080000 to 08979 089999Ziron
08979 090000 to 08979 099999Virgin Media
08979 100000 to 08979 109999Microtalk Europe
08979 110000 to 08979 119999Suretec Systems
08979 120000 to 08979 129999BT
08979 130000 to 08979 139999Voxbone
08979 140000 to 08979 149999Sky
08979 150000 to 08979 159999TelXL
08979 160000 to 08979 169999Citrus Telecommunications
08979 170000 to 08979 179999VoiceHost

0899 numbers are also reserved for network-level use.

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