070 Personal Numbers

UK personal numbering

What are 070 personal numbers?

Telephone numbers beginning with 070 are known as 'personal' or 'follow me' numbers and are different from the other 07 numbers used by mobile phones and pagers.

Personal numbers allow a person or businesses to give out a single phone number, then redirect their incoming calls to different locations as and when they choose.

As an example, an organisation may publish an 070 number for out-of-hours enquiries and then redirect it to the mobile phone of whoever is on duty each day. Or, an individual could set up an 070 number to ring their home, work or mobile phones in a set order or even simultaneously at different times of day.

070 numbers can also be used as temporary numbers. For example, somebody selling a car through classified adverts could set up an 070 number to receive enquiries then disable the number after the car has been sold, rather than publishing their real home or mobile number.

070 number call costs

A very wide range of charges apply to 070 personal numbers. They usually cost more to call than mobile numbers and aren't included in free minutes or call allowances.

Examples of typical charges:

BT landlinefrom 6p to 43p per minute
Sky landlinefrom 4p to 51p per minute
Virgin Media landlinefrom 6p to 51p per minute
EE mobilefrom 35p to 75p per minute
O2 mobilefrom 55p to 66p per minute
Vodafone mobile45p per minute

Prices for personal customers as of June 2017 and intended as a guide only. Additional connection charge or minimum fee may apply.

070 personal number prefixes

The following numbering ranges are in use:

07000 numbersVodafone
07002 numbersVodafone
07003 numbers4D Interactive, Hospedia, Nexus Telecommunications, Virtual Talk and Vodafone
07004 numbersDaisy Communications
07005 numbersHospedia, Numbergroup Network, TalkTalk and TelXL
07006 numbersGame Network, GCI Network Solutions, Nexus Telecommunications, Sound Advertising, Telecom2, TGL Services, Tiscali, Top Gear Media, Vodafone and Voice Simplified
07008 numbersBarritec, Syntec, TelXL and Yim Siam Telecom
07009 numbersAffiniti Integrated Solutions
07010 numbersFlextel
07011 numbersBarritel, Game Network, GCI Network Solutions, I-Net Communications, M247, Magrathea, Marathon Telecom, Mintaka, Red Telecom Solutions, Square1 Communications, TelecomIQ, Telecoms Cloud Networks, Telemix, TTNC, Twelve Telecom and Voice Simplified
07012 numbers24 Seven, Dynamic Mobile Billing, GCI Network Solutions, Nexus Telecommunications and Virtual Talk
07013 numbersDynamic Mobile Billing
07014 numbersFlextel, Telecom 10 and Vodafone
07015 numbers24 Seven, Business Broadcast Communications, Cheers International Sales, Citrus Telecommunications, Coretx Communications, I-Net Communications, Jersey Telecom and Vodafone
07016 numbers24 Seven, B4U Telecom and Served Up
07017 numbersFlextel
07018 numbersDaotec and Syntec
07019 numbers24 Seven
07020 numbersDaisy Communications
07021 numbersA2B Telecom, Business Broadcast Communications, Cheers International Sales, Coretx Communications, Daisy Communications, GCI Network Solutions, Phone Co-op, Relax Telecom, Sound Advertising, Swiftnet, TalkTalk and Wavecrest
07022 numbersHospedia and TTNC
07023 numbersHospedia, I-Net Communications, Linear Telecoms, Magrathea, Numbers Plus, Phone Co-op, Sound Advertising, SPT Worldwide and Telemagic
07024 numbersMagrathea
07026 numbersCall Telecom, Cloud9 Communications and Core Telecom
07027 numbersCall Telecom
07028 numbersBusiness Broadcast Communications, Cheers International Sales, Colt Technology Services, Syntec and Virtual Talk
07029 numbersBusiness Broadcast Communications, Cheers International Sales, Citrus Telecommunications, Colt Technology Services, Promotions4All, Relax Telecom and Sound Advertising
07030 numbersAffiniti Integrated Solutions, Atlantic Communications Corp, Atlas Interactive Group, Barritel, Level 3 Communications, Nexus Telecommunications and TalkTalk
07031 numbersCommi Holdings, Magrathea, Nodemax and Sala
07032 numbersSound Advertising
07033 numbers24 Seven, Cheers International Sales, Modus Telecom, Sound Advertising and Vodafone
07034 numbersCheers International Sales, FIO Telecom, IPV6, Media Telecom, Modus Telecom, Telappliant and Telecom2
07035 numbers24 Seven, Cheers International Sales, FIO Telecom, Franzcom, IPV6, Magrathea, Media Telecom and Suretec Systems
07036 numbers24 Seven, Cheers International Sales, Dynamic Mobile Billing, Modus Telecom and Telecom Essex
07037 numbersMedia Telecom
07038 numbersCore Telecom and Sound Advertising
07039 numbersCheers International Sales, Cloud9, Digital Mail, Firstsound, Starcomm and Telecom2
07040 numbersBusiness Broadcast Communications, Digital Mail, Hospedia, IPV6, Phone Buddy, Promotions4All, TalkTalk and TelXL
07041 numbersCheers International Sales, GCI Network Solutions and Hospedia
07042 numbersCore Telecom, Media Telecom, Telecom 10, Virtual Talk and Vodafone
07043 numbersAffiniti Integrated Solutions, Citrus Telecommunications, Digital Mail, Media Telecom, Plus Telecom, TTNC and Vodafone
07044 numbersConnect Telecom, GCI Network Solutions, Jtec UK, TalkTalk and Vodafone
07045 numbers24 Seven, Cheers International Sales, Dynamic Mobile Billing, Franzcom, Media Telecom and Zestel
07046 numbersCheers International Sales, Hospedia, IV Response, Level 3 Communications and Starcomm
07047 numbers24 Seven, Cheers International Sales, Dynamic Mobile Billing, Modus Telecom and TTNC
07048 numbers24 Seven, Cheers International Sales and Dynamic Mobile Billing
07049 numbersColt Technology Services, Media Telecom, Numbers Telecom, Reality Network Services, Teledesign and TGL Services
07050 numbersDaisy Communications
07052 numbersDynamic Mobile Billing, Jtec UK, Media Telecom, Plus Telecom and Vodafone
07053 numbersJtec UK, Media Telecom, Simwood eSMS and Vodafone
07054 numbersA2B Telecom, Daisy Communications, Jtec UK and Simwood eSMS
07055 numbers2-Sell-It, Flextel, Jtec UK, Telecom2 and TTNC
07056 numbersCheers International Sales, Core Telecom, Digitech Solutions Global, Mars Communications and Net Solutions Europe
07057 numbersCheers International Sales, Core Telecom, Digitech Solutions Global, Magrathea, Nodemax, Phone Buddy, Plus Telecom and Virtual Talk
07058 numbersBusiness Broadcast Communications, Cheers International Sales, Core Telecom, FIO Telecom, Phone Buddy, Promotions4All and Tabsoft
07059 numbersDaisy Communications, Starcomm, Teledesign, TGL Services and Vodafone
07060 numbersO2
07061 numbersGamma Telecom Telecom, GCI Network Solutions, Plus Telecom, Telecom 10 and Windsor Telecom
07062 numbersCore Telecom, Invoco, Jtec UK, Nodemax and Phone Buddy
07063 numbersCore Telecom, Nexus Telecommunications and Plus Telecom
07064 numbersAtlantic Communications Corp, Jtec UK, QX Telecom, Starcomm and Telecom 10
07065 numbersMedia Telecom, Telecom 10 and Teledesign
07066 numbersMedia Telecom
07067 numbersJtec UK and Media Telecom
07068 numbersJtec UK, Media Telecom and Voicetec Systems
07069 numbersAssume Nothing, Nexus Telecommunications, Resource Utilities, TalkTalk and UK Number Store
07070 numbers24 Seven, Barritel, Connect Telecom, Starcomm, TalkTalk and Telency
07071 numbersGCI Network Solutions and Starcomm
07072 numbersQX Telecom, Telecom 10 and Teledesign
07073 numbersStarcomm and Telecom2
07074 numbersVodafone
07076 numbersCheers International and Media Telecom
07077 numbers24 Seven, Digital Mail, Resource Utilities, Syntec, Telecoms World and Vodafone Business Solutions
07078 numbersCheers International Sales, Jtec UK, Media Telecom, Nationwide Telephone Assistance and Syntec
07079 numbersCheers International Sales, GCI Network Solutions, Premier Voicemail, Promotions4All, Starcomm and Yim Siam Telecom
07080 numbersCheers International Sales, IPV6, Level 3 Communications, PageOne, Promotions4All, Red Squared and Virtual Talk
07081 numbers24 Seven, Affiniti Integrated Solutions, Atlas Interactive Group, Hospedia, IV Response, PageOne, Telecom 10 and Tiscali
07082 numbersETC Telecom, I-Net Communications and Starcomm
07083 numbersETC Telecom
07084 numbersAQL, Assume Nothing, ETC Telecom, GCI Network Solutions and Mars Communications
07085 numbersCFL Communications, Mars Communications, Sound Advertising, Teledesign and Virtual Talk
07086 numbers4D Interactive, Cheers International Sales, IPV6, Magrathea, Plus Telecom, Sound Advertising, Suretec Systems and Telephone Box
07087 numbersFirstsound, Franzcom, I-Net Communications Group, IT Communications, Mi Telecom, Mobile FX Services, Numbers Plus, One Network, Port 5060, Sound Advertising, Spacetel UK, SPT Worldwide, Supported Business, Swiftel, TelecomIQ, Telecoms Cloud Networks, Telesurf and Voicetec Systems
07088 numbersI-Net Communications, Numbers Telecom, Sentiro, SOS Technology, Spacetel, Swiftel, TGL Services and Tismi
07089 numbersAQL, Cheers International Sales, FIO Telecom, IV Response, Media Telecom, Promotions4All, Starcomm, Suretec Systems, Telecom 10 and TGL Services
07090 numbersDaisy Communications, Numbergroup Network, Redcentric Solutions, Starcomm and Windsor Telecom
07091 numbersAffiniti Integrated Solutions
07092 numbersVodafone
07093 numbersCheers International Sales, Everything VOIP, IP Phone Solutions, Magrathea, Maxadie, Net Solutions Europe, Red Telecom Solutions and TGL Services
07094 numbersCheers International Sales, I-Net Communications, Magrathea, Syntec and Telency
07096 numbersSyntec and Vodafone
07098 numbersCommi Holdings, Digital Select, FEBO Telecom, Maxadie, Numbers Telecom, Telecom2, Twelve Telecom, Xoverx and Zestel
07099 numbers24 Seven, Cloud9 Communications, Sala, Telecom2, Teledesign and Three

History and notes

Recent history

Though there are many legitimate uses of 070 numbers, they do hide the underlying landline or mobile number from the caller and therefore can be favoured by fraudsters or individuals who wish to conceal their identity.

1993First personal numbering services launched using 0956 7xxxxx range.
1995Dedicated 070 personal numbering range introduced.
2001Old 0956 7xxxxx numbers move to 07010 7xxxxx.
2009Telephone companies banned from sharing call revenue with users of 070 numbers, in an effort to reduce scams.

See also: '07 numbers' overview.

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