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070 personal numbers

What are 070 personal numbers?

Telephone numbers beginning with 070 are known as 'personal' or 'follow me' numbers and are different from the other 07 numbers used by mobile phones and pagers.

Personal numbers allow a person or businesses to give out a single phone number, then redirect their incoming calls to different locations as and when they choose.

As an example, an organisation may publish an 070 number for out-of-hours enquiries and then redirect it to the mobile phone of whoever is on duty each day. Or, an individual could set up an 070 number to ring their home, work or mobile phones in a set order or even simultaneously at different times of day.

070 numbers can also be used as temporary numbers. For example, somebody selling a car through classified adverts could set up an 070 number to receive enquiries then disable the number after the car has been sold, rather than publishing their real home or mobile number.

070 number call costs

A very wide range of charges apply to 070 personal numbers. They usually cost more to call than mobile numbers and aren't included in free minutes or call allowances.

Examples of typical charges:

BT landlinefrom 6p to 43p per minute
Sky landlinefrom 4p to 51p per minute
Virgin Media landlinefrom 6p to 51p per minute
EE mobilefrom 35p to 75p per minute
O2 mobilefrom 55p to 66p per minute
Vodafone mobile45p per minute

Prices for personal customers as of June 2017 and intended as a guide only. Additional connection charge or minimum fee may apply.

History and notes

Recent history

Though there are many legitimate uses of 070 numbers, they do hide the underlying landline or mobile number from the caller and therefore can be favoured by fraudsters or individuals who wish to conceal their identity.

1993First personal numbering services launched using 0956 7xxxxx range.
1995Dedicated 070 personal numbering range introduced.
2001Old 0956 7xxxxx numbers move to 07010 7xxxxx.
2009Telephone companies banned from sharing call revenue with users of 070 numbers, in an effort to reduce scams.

See also: '07 numbers' overview.

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