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International freephone numbers

International freephone numbers allow callers to ring an organisation at no charge, with the cost of the call paid for by the organisation receiving the call.

Typically, these numbers are used by large companies that operate in several different countries, or by multi-national organisations such as the European Union.

Recognising international freephone numbers

International freephone numbers have their own dedicated country code of +800 and work in the same way as normal international phone numbers. This means that callers to these numbers must prefix the +800 country code with the outbound 'international access code' that is used to start an international call from their country.

In the UK and other EU countries, the international access code is always 00. Accordingly, international freephone numbers in the EU are usually promoted simply as 00800 numbers.

For example, the EU's main enquiry line could be shown in one of two ways:

00800 6789 1011Diallable exactly as displayed from all EU countries, along with others that use 00 for making international calls.
+800 6789 1011International standard number format. The plus (+) character is diallable from mobile phones, but landline callers need to replace it with the international access code in use in their country.

00800 number call costs

Calls to 00800 numbers are free from most major landline companies. However, mobile phone companies apply a range of different call rates and sometimes charge their full international calling rate.

It is advisable to check call costs with your phone company before calling.

Difference between 00800 and 0800 numbers

0800 numbers and 0808 numbers are used for domestic freephone services within the UK. 00800 or +800 numbers are reserved for services that need to be accessible from at least two different countries.

While domestic 0800 and 0808 numbers are always free to call, some operators may charge for calls to international freephone numbers.

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