Numbers starting:
02920, 02921 & 02922

Cardiff area

Telephone numbers starting with the 029 area code are for Cardiff and the surrounding area.

Numbers currently in use in the Cardiff area include:

  • 02920 numbers
  • 02921 numbers
  • 02922 numbers

There is no technical or official difference between any of these batches of numbers; theoretically any number between 029 2000 0000 and 029 9989 9999 can be issued for normal use in the area.

For further information, see 029 area code.

02920, 02921 and 02922 numbers - frequently asked questions

Are 02922, 02921 and 02920 different area codes?
Not at all. Any number starting with the 029 area code is a Cardiff number - it does not matter what the remaining digits are. Any number from (029) 2000 0000 right through to (029) 9989 9999 is officially available for use in Cardiff.

Are 02920 numbers just for BT customers?
No, most telephone companies - including BT - have a mixture of Cardiff phone numbers starting 20, 21 and 22.

Should I pay more to get an 02920 number for my business?
Absolutely not. While some telephone companies may try to charge more for the limited remaining supply of 029 20 numbers, they offer no real benefit over other 029 numbers.

Are 02922 and 02921 numbers for VOIP or virtual numbers?
No, a mixture of traditional landlines, VOIP services, call forwarding services and virtual numbers is in use throughout the 029 area code - including on the original 029 20 range.

Is an 02921 number or 02922 number likely to be a scammer?
Scammers use all sorts of different phone numbers and can even display fake numbers on caller display. The majority of 029 numbers belong to legitimate businesses and individuals; they are neither more or less safe than any other landline numbers.