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List of Access Charges

A two-part charge applies when calling numbers starting 084, 087, 09 and 118.

In addition to the advertised 'service charge', you will also be charged your phone company's access charge, which is a standard per-minute rate that applies to all calls of this type.

Access charges from landlines and mobile phones

These charges apply at all times and most companies have a minimum charge of one minute.

Phone CompanyAccess charge
from a landline
Access charge
from a mobile
Asda Mobile-8p/min
EE11p/min44p - 50p/min
KC9.5p/min45p - 55p/min
O2-45p - 55p/min
The Phone Co-op9p/min21p/min
Post Office10p/min-
Tesco Mobile-25p/min
Utility Warehouse9p/min30p/min
Virgin Media11.25p/min45p/min
Vodafone11p/min45p - 55p/min

Prices are for personal customers on current tariffs as of 19 April 2017 and intended as a guide only.

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