0208 Numbers

London – area code 020

In the UK, an '020 8 number' or '0208 number' is a normal landline phone number within the London (020) area code.

Any UK number beginning with 020 is a London number. The '020' area code at the beginning is optional if you're dialling from one London 020 landline phone to another.

0208 or 020?

There is no 0208 area code. London has a single city-wide area code of 020, used with eight-digit local numbers. '0208 numbers' are no different from any other 020 phone numbers.

The correct way to write a number beginning '0208' is (020) 8xxx xxxx, as this clearly distinguishes the optional 020 area code from the eight digit local phone number. (Why this matters...)

Inner or Outer London?

Although there were separate area codes of 0171 and 0181 for inner and outer London until the year 2000, this distinction was abolished when London went back to having a single London-wide area code. There's now no official difference between numbers starting 020 3, 020 7 and 020 8, with numbers in each of these ranges available for use anywhere in London.

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