02895 Numbers

Northern Ireland – area code 028

028 is the telephone area code for all of Northern Ireland

All landline phone numbers beginning with the 028 area code are for Northern Ireland. Those starting with 028 90 and 028 95 are specifically for Belfast.

The 028 area code at the beginning is optional; if you're dialling from one Northern Ireland landline phone to another you can dial just the eight-digit local phone number.

028, 0289 or 02895?

Northern Ireland has had the three-digit area code 028 since the year 2000. This is always followed by an eight-digit local number.

The correct way to write a Northern Irish phone number is (028) xxxx xxxx, as this clearly distinguishes the optional 028 area code from the local phone number. Writing 02895 xxxxxx wrongly implies that the code is 02895 and that local calls can be made with just six digits. (Why this matters...)

Have things changed?

During the year 2000, all of Northern Ireland's phone numbers were moved into a single 028 area code, with the mixture of old five- and six-digit local numbers standardised at eight digits long.

For example, (01232) 320202 became (028) 9032 0202. The overall length of the number is the same, but dialling locally now needs eight digits to be dialled instead of six.

The new system gives Northern Ireland nearly 80 million numbers: (028) 20000000 to (028) 99899999.