0843 Numbers

Special rate numbers

What are 0843 numbers?

0843 numbers are a type of phone number used mainly by businesses. They usually cost more to call than regular local or national landline numbers.

0843 call costs

From BT lines, 0843 number call costs vary but should not be more than around 6p per minute. Calls made using other operators or mobile phones usually cost more.

Calls to 0843 numbers are not normally included in talk plans or free call allowances.

Calling fromTypical cost
Landline5p - 13p per minute
Mobile phone20p - 40p per minute

Detailed tariff information by operator...

Prices are for residential customers as of September 2014 and intended as a guide only. Connection fees and minimum charges often apply. Calls to some 0843 numbers may be charged at a flat fee per call rather than per minute.

Find out more

0843 number call charges change in summer 2015. Visit UK Calling for details.

0843 numbers include all UK phone numbers beginning 08430, 08431, 08432, 08433, 08434, 08435, 08436, 08437, 08438 and 08439.

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