0843 Numbers

Special rate numbers

What are 0843 numbers?

All UK telephone numbers beginning with the digits 084 are special rate phone numbers. Charges for calling these numbers include a service charge of up to 7p per minute, which is used to pay for the service being provided.

Common uses for special rate numbers include:

  • Chargeable information and support lines
  • Event ticket and travel booking services
  • Conference call services
  • Pre-sales information lines

0843 call costs

Numbers starting with 084 cost up to 7p per minute or 7p per call, plus your phone tariff's standard access charge.

The exact cost of calling an 0843 number is a combination of the advertised Service Charge and the standard Access Charge set by your phone company. The total will typically be in the following range:

Calling fromTypical cost
Landline6p - 17p per minute
Mobile phone9p - 52p per minute

From a landline, the total combined cost will usually be between 6p and 17p per minute. From a mobile, it will typically be between 9p and 52p per minute.

More information and links

0843 numbers include all UK phone numbers beginning 08430, 08431, 08432, 08433, 08434, 08435, 08436, 08437, 08438 and 08439.

Rates shown apply to residential/personal customers only and do not include any connection charges or minimum fees. Business tariffs may charge higher rates.