0843 Numbers

Special rate numbers

What are 0843 numbers?

In the UK, 0843 numbers and all other numbers beginning '084' are charged at special rates, which are nearly always higher than for calls to normal landline phone numbers.

0843 numbers are commonly used for telephone support lines or customer service and enquiry centres. They include:

  • 08430 numbers
  • 08431 numbers
  • 08432 numbers
  • 08433 numbers
  • 08434 numbers
  • 08435 numbers
  • 08436 numbers
  • 08437 numbers
  • 08438 numbers
  • 08439 numbers

0843 number call costs

The cost of calling 0843 numbers varies. Although not officially recognised as 'premium rate', 0843 numbers usually cost more to call than a conventional 01 or 02 landline.

From a BT line, 0843 number call costs are typically up to around 5p per minute. From a mobile phone, the cost of phoning 0843 numbers is commonly as high as 40p per minute.

BT landlinesUp to 5p per minute
Three5p per minute
Vodafone35p per minute
O220p per minute
EE, Orange and T-Mobile40p per minute

Costs to the nearest penny on the most recent tariffs, as at April 2014. Older tariffs may vary. Some numbers are charged per call, rather than per minute, and extra call set-up costs may be charged. Please confirm with your phone company before calling.

0843 numbers are usually not included in the 'free' bundled minutes in telephone contract deals.

What area uses 0843 numbers?

0843 is not an 'area code' and 0843 numbers are not linked to any specific location. Calls to an 0843 number are routed to wherever the number's owner chooses, which can be anywhere in the country or even overseas.

Do 0843 numbers generate income?

As 0843 numbers numbers usually cost more than a normal phone call, they can be used to generate income for the organisation being called.

Although they can cost up 40p/min to call, the revenue generated for the organisation is likely to be only around 1p/min to 5p/min, with the remainder retained by the telephone companies involved in connecting the call.

Not all businesses using 0843 numbers take a direct income from them; sometimes the income is retained by the telephone company supplying the service. For example, a telephone company may often offer advanced call handling services, queuing, reporting, etc. to the business in return for the revenue they take from incoming calls. Subjectively, this could still be considered as generating income, as the company is receiving enhanced services it would otherwise have to pay the market rate for.

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