07 Numbers

'Find me anywhere' numbers

UK telephone numbers beginning '07' are used for mobile devices and for personal numbering. They are usually more expensive to call than fixed, landline numbers beginning 01, 02 or 03.

070 - personal numbers

These are numbers allocated to an individual or business, who can use them to redirect incoming calls to any phone they wish, as and when they choose.

As an example, an individual could configure their 070 number to forward calls to their work phone in the daytime, but connect to their home phone in the evening. They can also be used to sequentially 'hunt' for an individual by ringing different phones in sequence or simultaneously.

A wide range of charges are in use for these numbers, from zero charge to 50p/minute or more.

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071 to 079 - mobile devices

Numbers beginning 071, 072, 073, 074, 075, 07624, 077, 078 or 079 are for mobile phones. All other numbers beginning with 076 are reserved for pagers.

The first five digits of a number are normally enough to show which company first issued the number. However, as customers can retain their number when moving between phone companies, it is not a reliable indicator of which provider they currently use.

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Channel Islands and Isle of Man

Mobile phones in these areas have their own codes. Operators may charge more for calls to these locations than for calls within the UK:


07781, 07839, 07911


07509, 07700, 07797, 07829, 07937

Isle of Man

07524, 07624, 07924

Number formatting

Convention is to display '07' numbers in the format 07xxx xxxxxx, with this format used by all mobile phone operators.