0500 Numbers

Freephone numbers

In the UK, 0500 numbers are intended to be free to call and generally remain so from landline telephones including payphones.

The cost of calling an 0500 number from mobile phones varies, with most operators charging for such calls.

No new 0500 numbers have been issued since the 1990s, so 0500 numbers are now relatively uncommon.

Other free numbers include 0800 numbers and 0808 numbers.

0500 number call costs

0500 numbers are free from most landlines, but currently chargeable from many mobile phones.

BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media landlinesFree
Vodafone14p per minute
O220p per minute
EE, Orange and T-Mobile20p per minute

Costs to the nearest penny on the most recent tariffs, as at April 2014. Older tariffs may vary.

What area uses 0500 numbers?

0500 is not an 'area code' and 0500 numbers are not linked to any specific location. Calls to an 0500 number are routed to wherever the number's owner chooses, which can be anywhere in the country or even overseas.

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