0333 Numbers

Standard rate numbers

What are 0333 numbers?

0333 numbers are a type of phone number used by businesses, government and other organisations. They always cost the same to call as regular local or national landline numbers in the UK.

0333 call costs

By law, calls to 0333 numbers must be charged at the same rate as calls to normal landlines (those that start with 01 or 02).

0333 numbers are also included in call allowances and bundled or 'free' minutes on the same basis as regular landline numbers.

Further information

All phone numbers beginning with 03 work in the same way and are charged at the same rate.

0333 numbers do not generate any income for the organisation being called - this is specifically prohibited.

Information about 0333 numbers applies to all UK numbers starting with 0333, including those that begin 03330, 03331, 03332, 03333, 03334, 03335, 03336, 03337, 03338 and 03339.

For other numbers, see: '03' numbers overview | UK phone numbering guide