01950 Area Code

Sandwick phone numbers (Shetland)

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UK area code 01950 is for Sandwick in the Shetland Islands, Scotland.

The code covers the southern area of the Shetland Mainland, including Bigton, Cunningsburgh, Sandwick and Sumburgh.

01950 number call costs

01950 numbers are normal, landline numbers charged at standard rates.

Formatting an 01950 number

Local telephone numbers in the Sandwick area are six digits long. An 01950 number should be displayed in the format: 01950 xxxxxx or (01950) xxxxxx

For international callers, use: +44 1950 xxxxxx

History and Notes

The Shetland Islands are served by four area codes: 01595, 01806, 01950 and 01957.