01725 Area Code

Rockbourne phone numbers

UK area code 01725 covers Rockbourne in Hampshire, and the surrounding area.

Locations using 01725 numbers include:

  • Cranborne
  • Downton
  • Handley
  • Martin Cross
  • Rockbourne
  • Tollard Royal

01725 number call costs

01725 numbers are normal, landline numbers charged at standard rates.

These numbers are charged at normal landline rates. They are often included in bundled talktime or 'free' minutes.

If you do not get inclusive calls to landlines, are calling at a time of day when you do not get free calls, or you have used up your call allowance, typical rates are:

Calling fromTypical call cost (if outside call plan)
Landline10p-12p per minute
Mobile phone35p-45p per minute

Prices are for residential customers as of September 2014 and intended as a guide only. Connection fees and minimum charges often apply.

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Formatting an 01725 number

Local telephone numbers in the Rockbourne area are six digits long. An 01725 number should be displayed in the format: 01725 xxxxxx or (01725) xxxxxx

For international callers, use: +44 1725 xxxxxx

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