01534 Area Code

Jersey phone numbers

UK area code 01534 is for is for Jersey in the Channel Islands.

01534 number call costs

Calls from the UK to Jersey 01534 numbers may be charged at international rates and are not normally included in free call allowances or bundled minutes. Typical charges are:

Phone companyTypical call costCheck details
BT10p per minuteAll tariffs
EE50p per minuteAll tariffs
O235p per minuteAll tariffs
Sky Talk9p per minuteAll tariffs
TalkTalk3p-6p per minuteAll tariffs
Three46p per minuteAll tariffs
Vodafone36p per minutePay monthly | PAYG

Prices are for residential customers as of September 2014 and intended as a guide only. Connection fees and minimum charges often apply.

Formatting an 01534 number

Local telephone numbers in the Jersey area code are six digits long. An 01534 number should be displayed in the format: 01534 xxxxxx or (01534) xxxxxx

For international callers, use: +44 1534 xxxxxx

Mobile Phones

Jersey's mobile phones use prefixes 07509, 07700, 07797, 07829 and 07937.

Map of 01534 Jersey area code